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Η συμβολική της αντίστασης / The symbolics of resistance / La symbolique de la résistance
15/07/2021 - 15/09/2021 Αρνάδος Τήνου / Arnados-Tinos


"The art exhibition The symbolics of resistance: a route from Gyzis to street artists deriving from the broad conceptual framework of “Greece 2021” examines how the Greek artistic creation of the last 200 years captured and invested symbolically the resistance to the usurpation of  freedom.

From Nikolaos Gyzis’ The Secret School (1886) to conceptual anti-dictatorial art to contemporary street art, the exhibition creates visual juxtapositions to compose micro-narratives that provoke and stimulate collective memory and consciousness.

The exhibition takes place on Tinos island and specifically at the medieval village of Arnados."


Alia Tsagkari


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